If your paper has been accepted for the oral communication sessions, follow the instructions of the corresponding section.

The speakers will have 15 minutes for their presentation. Make sure your presentation meets these conditions. The organization will ensure the fulfilment of the presentation times.

One or more authors shall present the research work, but all of them should be registered in the conference. Only the first authors have reduced registration fees.

The language for the oral presentation could be either Spanish or English, at the author’s choice.


Certificates will be sent telematically after the Congress. Different types of certificates will be issued:

– Attendance (for the issuance of the attendance certificate it will be necessary to attend a minimum of 3 blocks of the Congress program).

– Authorship (this certificate will be issued to all authors who have registered for the Congress).

– Committees (people who are part of these committees are the ones who will receive this certificate).


  • There will be a computer with a projector in the conference room.
  • We would really appreciate if you could send your presentation by email before the conference, at least, a week in advance. In addition, you should take your presentation in a USB device for greater security.
  • The organization will ensure that your presentation is correctly uploaded for the session.
  • Apple, Open office, or iWork formats are not guaranteed to function correctly.
  • MS PowerPoint or .pdf format are preferable.
  • All lecturers should check their presentations in the conference room before their session.