Once the acceptance of the abstract has been announced, the author must send the required documents within the compulsory deadline to eesap.caviar@ehu.eus e-mail address.

The subject of the email should be “EESAP15” followed by the author’s full name and surnames. Example: “EESAP15 MARIA GONZALEZ PEREZ”.

No other submitting procedure nor after deadline will be accepted.

The required documents are the following ones:

  1. Full paper. The below-attached template must be used. It contains the compulsory style instructions and it has to be submitted according to following file name: “EESAP15 FULLPAPER SURNAME NAME.doc”. The full paper will be written entirely in Spanish and English, in both languages. The research works that do not comply with these indications will not be accepted for the conference. The acceptance of the full paper may be conditional on the Scientific Committee’s criterion for a review by the author. In that case, the author should review it and send it back within the new deadline set by the organization.
  2. Authorization for the publication of the content of the full paper and presentation, by any written, online or audio-visual resource. The below attached downloadable form should be filled, signed, scanned and sent in .jpg or .pdf format.


Document sending procedure

The authors of the selected abstract for the poster session of the conference should send the final document under the following conditions.

  1. Printed poster: they should be correctly packaged and sent with a digital copy of it in TIFF or PDF format on 1:1 scale to the following address: «Grupo de Investigación Calidad de Vida en Arquitectura. A/A COMITÉ ORGANIZADOR EESAP15. Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura. Plaza Oñati 2. 20018 Donostia-San Sebastián (España)».
  2. The deadline for sending the printed poster and the CD will be the same as the one for the full paper submission deadline.

Identification and style

Identification of the author/s: this strip should contain the names of the authors, the country, the corresponding institution (if required) and contact details (phone, e-mail and/or web page, and mailing address). All this information will be written in a single line and the font should be ARIAL 30 in grey.

  1. Topic reference: it regards to the chosen topic and it should be written in a single line at the top of the poster (font: ARIAL 60 in bold).
  2. Title: it should be written below the topic reference. It is the author’s personal title for the poster. Font and size are left at author’s choice, but within the established margins and it should be legible from 3 meters distance. The poster will be read at a certain distance, so it is necessary to choose good sized, simple and readable fonts.
  3. Introduction: after the title, it will briefly introduce the topic of the research or the experience. ARIAL 50 double spaced font should be used.
  4. Poster dimensions: the poster must be written in Spanish or in English in a size of 100 cm (height) x 70 cm (width). It must be printed on paper, cardboard or photographic paper, as well as being conveniently prepared for its hanging (prints in PVC or others surfaces will not be accepted). The poster will have the following margins: top 5 cm, bottom 3 cm, sides 3 cm. The topic reference, the title of the work, the introduction, the content of the research work, and authors’ identification should be included within the detailed margins. In addition, written and graphic language (including images) should be neither sexist nor androcentric.