The Organising Committee encourages and invites researchers or professionals who are specialized in any of the proposed topics to submit their proposals for the oral presentation or poster sessions according to the following rules:

  1. In case the abstract is accepted, the first author (or anybody who might defend the communication), will have 15 days to formalize the registration for the conference. If the registration is not done within that period, the research work will not be listed in the publication nor presented in the conference.
  2. At least one of the authors of the oral communication or poster must be registered for the conference. The certificate/s will only be issued for the registered author/s.
  3. The abstract should be written according to the official template. No other formats will be accepted. The style and extension rules that are detailed in the document should be followed. The template can be downloaded on this website, which is valid for both oral communications and posters.
  4. Language. The abstract should be written in English. If the abstract is accepted, the full paper communication should be written in both languages, that is, English and Spanish and in any case with non-sexist and non-androcentric language.
  5. Abstracts, papers and presentations will be required to use non-sexist and non-androcentric language and images. The scientific and organising committee reserves the right to request changes in this regard.
  6. Once the research works are submitted, there is no option to modify them..
  7. The abstract must be sent to eesap.caviar@ehu.eus email address. The subject of the email has to include the name of the conference EESAP15 followed by the main author’s name as shown in the example. Example: “EESAP15 MARIA PEREZ GONZALEZ”.
  8. No other submitting procedure, after deadline, or documents not following the above-mentioned rules will be accepted.



The Scientific Committee will consider the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Affinity with the topics and objectives of the conference.
  2. Coherence and structure of the ideas.
  3. Contents’ up-to-date interest.
  4. Applicability / Practical value.
  5. Pedagogical, technological, and social interest in communication.
  6. Non-sexist use of language and images.
  7. Appropriate and sufficient bibliographical references.

The acceptance of the communication/paper/poster may be conditional on the Scientific Committee’s criterion for a review by the author. In that case, the author should review it and send it back within the new deadline set by the organization.

The unappeasable decision of the Scientific Committee will be announced by e-mail to the authors.

The selection of the communication will not be effective until at least one of the authors of the communication accredits their registration in the conference.


  • Abstract submission deadline 17 of April of 2024
  • Abstract acceptance notification 3 of May of 2024