The fourteenth edition of the International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanism (EESAP 14) will address the theme of “Care for the HABITAT/HABITAT for care”, understanding HABITAT in all its scales; from the territorial, the urban to even the building scale. This double approach implies rethinking the following: how do we take care of or what is needed to take care of this habitat? How should this habitat be for our care, and to guarantee the quality of life of people? 

The new perspective of this habitat is structured around four main lines: sustainable mobility, green infrastructure, circular economy and social innovation. These lines, at the same time, are complemented by the following themes: 

  1. Cities for equity and resilience 
  2. Big Data for urban research 
  3. Urban form and quality of life 
  4. Urban Mining | The city as a storehouse for raw materials 
  5. Community management of urban transformation processes 
  6. Walkable cities 
  7. Nature-based solutions for resilience and adaptation to climate change 
  8. Alternative models of care management in the city 
  9. Application of life cycle analysis (LCA) and circular economy (CE) in construction and refurbishment processes  
  10. Passive energy efficiency improvement measures for refurbishment 
  11. Indoor environment quality 
  12. New housing models: management and solutions