Sponsorship Possibility

EESAP10 – CICA3Congress offers an unquestionable interesting framework for the diffusion of business activities in the sector as well as its compromise with the current challenges in the building sector, energetic efficiency, urbanistic planification and so forth, encouraging a ‘face-to-face’ personal exchange forum between businesses and professionals.

It is likewise the aim of this Congress to become a vehicle to intensify the promotion and exchange of scientific information as well as an increase in the way that such information may be applied and leveraged by different agents.

For this reason, the Organizational Committee has granted special attention to facilitate the participation and contribution of several business as sponsors of EESAP10 – CICA3, offering different types of sponsorship that aim to fit conveniently with the different marketing strategies.

It would be a utter pleasure to count on your collaboration in our Congress, since it will surely boost the intended success. On behalf of the Organizational Committee it is my pleasure to extend this cordial invitation.

Receive our warmest greetings,

Rufino J. Hernández, Director of EESAP 10 – CICA 3


Organizing a charity and non profitable event relies largely on external collaboration and contributions. These have become some of the foundational pillars of our Organization.

EESAP10+CICA3 invites public and private entities, organizations and businesses to take an active role in this event, that to the proven excellency and responsibility of previous editions adds now our will to become the main tool and forum of innovation of the building sector in the Basque Country, impelled from the ERAIKUNE building industrial cluster.

Our Congress offers sponsoring business the following specific and general compensations depending on the different contract modalities offered:

  1. Linking branding of enterprise to sustainability with a Congress of relevance in Europe.

  2. Brand positioning as an entity of reference innovation wise as well as a strong bond of commitment with environment and sustainable development.
  3. An image of prestige through high quality contents aimed at a selected audience.

  4. Branding presence in advertising materials and event communication:    brochures, booklets, newsletter, billboarding, programs, webs, and others.

  5. Possibility of contacting and reaching out to other professionals  who are already on the sector.

  6. Possibilities of presenting products and solutions to a professional audience integrated by architects, engineers, entities, institutions and  representatives  of various organisms.


Based on the previously acquired experience and model of previous editions of the Congress EESA/CICA below exposes are the two modalities of sponsorship within which the participation is possible.

Sponsorship's Dossier



  • 1.Inclusion of the business logo on the web’s second level in all communication supports.
  • 2.Possibility of locating a COMMERCIAL INFORMATION POINT at the coffee break lounge.
  • 3.Advertising brochures in congress attendees’ bags.
  • 4.Authorization to use the CONGREES’S LOGO for own advertising.
  • 5.Special public acknowledge during the opening ceremony.

Golden Sponsorship
Eraikune Associates

  • 750 euros